In California on Mohawk Street there’s a company making an already delicious fruit—Grapes—even better!

The company called Grapery is something between a vineyard and laboratory where they make special grapes!

Witch Fingers on Grape Vine Ripleys Blog Smaller

Witch Fingers

They call these grapes Witch Fingers and they taste just like normal grapes but have a weird shape that is more like peppers than grapes.

We admit that their shape is weird, but wait till you put these “fingers” in your mouth.

Cotton Candy Grapes

And of course the famous cotton candy grapes!

Cotton Candy Grapes by Grapery Ripleys Wide Bar

Cotton Candy Grapes


Sweet Science

Tweaking grapes and fruits in general isn’t anything new: You’ve probably eaten seedless grapes, watermelons, and more! By definition fruit is supposed to have seeds.

Cotton Candy grapes taste exactly like the pink spun-sugar treat you loved as a kid at the circus—and we mean exactly!

So how do they do this?

Farmers make seedless fruits by grafting species together and growing old branches into new trees. Grapes that don’t make seeds are actually a genetic problem for the plants, hindering the ability to reproduce. But that happens to be good for eating!

Remember that next time you eat seedless grapes, which might just also taste like cotton candy or something even odder!

Thanks to Grapery for images. And if you try some of these grapes, let us know what you think because it’s definitely on my to-do list!