Licki Brush

Licki brush allows you, as a pet owner and theoretical member of human society, to lick your cat.

Just in case you were tired of all the furballs you got licking your cat without a prosthetic tongue, PDX Pet Design has engineered the finest tool in the cat licking industry.

licki brush gif

Licking is Believing

While you might find this gadget immediately revolting, the company claims there are many benefits to licking your cat.

“Cats groom each other as a form of social bonding,” they explain. By licking your cat, you are not just bonding with your pet, but also soothing yourself in a process they describe as meditative.

Bond With Your Cat, Like a Cat

Now, before you completely eschew the practicality of the Licki Brush, we’re sure it’s a good tool at preventing furballs – if you are someone who already licks their cat.


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