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[Season 1 – Episode 4] A girl who swallows her entire tongue at will, Forever 21’s “Thread Screen”, a music record made with a tortilla, the Megavalanche insane biking race, and a daredevil rock climbing baby. LET’S GO!

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5. Can You Swallow Your Own Tongue?

This video might be a little hard to swallow … unless you happen to be Tay Alana Gibbons of Detroit, Michigan, who has the uncanny ability to swallow her entire tongue at will.

This ability is directly related to the length of the frenulum – which is that little membrane that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth.


4. “Thread Screen”

Clothing retailer, Forever 21, has designed a mind-blowing image display that fuses together digital, analog, and social media technologies into an amazing “Thread Screen”. It’s literally a screen made of six thousand four hundred mechanical spools of multicolored thread. It displays instagram pics submitted by you in real time, using nothing but fabric.


3. Musical Tortilla

I’ve heard vinyl records are making a comeback but I never thought I’d see a record made from a tortilla!  Armed with a laser cutter and a vision – this Reddit user, known only as “UpgradeTech” – has turned an ordinary, uncooked tortilla into a playable musical marvel … check out this rendition of “The Mexican Hat Dance”.  Who says you shouldn’t play with your food?



This video is brutal to the extreme, and wayyyyy up there on the insanity scale. The Megavalanche, is a downhill mountain biking race on a glacier in the French alps. Thousands of riders start at 11,000 ft high and finish at 2,300 ft below, making it the longest, craziest and coldest downhill race in the world! That just looks like it hurts.


Ripley's BION of the Week

1. 8 Month Old Rock Climber

While most baby’s rooms are child proofed with rounded corners and electrical outlet plugs, 18 month old Ellie Farmer’s room has had a rock climbing wall since she was born.  Both of her parents are competitive rock climbers and say that Ellie was climbing at 8 months old. That was two full months before she could even walk! Ellie’s tallest wall climbed to date, is 7 ft tall … and she climbs with no harness – just grippy shoes, a big cushion, and cheering parents down below!

For being an extreme climbing spider baby, Ellie is our certified BION of the Week!