Dai Andrews – Mind Over Body

Starting with a Fisher-Price® magic set he received for his fifth birthday and progressing to mind-over-body feats, 38-year-old Dai Andrews has increased his skills beyond tricks and illusions, performing escape artistry, fire eating, and his personal favorite, sword swallowing.

The goal of performing is to entertain, not necessarily to do weird stuff. You entertain through doing weird stuff, but ultimately, the goal has to be to entertain the audience.

His performances include swallowing a saber blade curved 120 degrees and even a sword heated with a blowtorch!

Dai Andrews - Sword Swallowing

Dai Andrews – Sword Swallowing

Dai has traveled to over 40 countries around the world—studying yoga and traditional mind-over-body demonstrations with the sadhus and fakirs of India as well as martial arts in China and Thailand.

Dai Andrews Fire Chop
Making these feats even more impressive is that he struggles with essential tremors, a chronic, degenerative nerve condition that causes his hands to shake occasionally.

I have bested my own demons and applied the lessons of masters from around the world to my own life. And, if I’m lucky, I’ll pass that lesson on to my audiences as well, showing them that the only limits they have are the ones they set for themselves.