WARNING: This story contains the descriptions of off-limits places where people are not allowed to go. Listen, but watch your step. Things could get dangerous.

For even the most seasoned travelers—the ones who have been to every state and every continent—there are still places that for whatever reason—be they geographical, political, or even for your own personal safety—you just can’t visit.

We’re taking you all the way from Snake Island in Brazil to the Vatican Archives to find out what makes these places off limits. Lonely Planet destinations editor Ben Buckner joins in to explain his favorite places no one is allowed to go, and aerospace historian Peter Merlin even discusses the mystery site of Area 51.

An A12 aircraft similar to the one seen by that uncleared electrician. This photo was taken of an inverted, unpainted A12 at Area 51.

How The U.S. Once Hijacked A Soviet Space Satellite

lunik satellite

Be sure to check out the full article Ryan mentioned about US operatives stealing and reverse-engineering a Soviet satellite overnight.

area 51

An Area 51 warning sign.

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