Fans of our new book Fun Facts & Silly Stories: One Zany Day! have written letters, sent emails, and even posted to our Ripley’s Facebook page how much they love the crazy stories and puzzles in the book—but we just received an email that even WE find unbelievable!

Ten-year-old Ethan S. tried to make the banana ice cream recipe featured on pages 42–43, and when he put the frozen banana pieces in the blender and turned it on (with his mom’s help)… well, we’ll let you read it for yourself:

“The frozen bananas were so hard that they made a hole in the blender and flew out.” -Ethan
I am enjoying your One Zany Day book! This morning I tried making the banana ice cream. The frozen bananas were so hard they made a whole in the blender and flew out!

When my parents buy a new blender I’m hoping to have to try it again. I’m attaching a picture so you can see what my blender looks like.

Your best fan, Ethan, age 10 almost 11.

blender with hole in it

Believe it or not, this is the photo of the blasted-out blender!

“When my parents buy a new blender, I’m going to have to try it again.” -Ethan

Thanks for sharing your ZANY story, Ethan—and we’ll make sure you receive a copy of our next book in September. (We’ll TRIPLE check the next recipe, we promise!)

Do you have a ZANY story to share with us about your favorite Ripley’s kids’ book? Email us at, or shoot us a Tweet at @Ripleys!

-Wendy and the Ripley Publishing Team

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