August 26 is National TP Day!

If you’ve visited Ripley’s in Branson recently you have seen a roll of toilet paper taller than you! It’s the world’s largest roll of toilet paper.

How much is that?


9.73 FEET in Diameter

95,000 rolls of toilet paper in one!

On average, a person will use 49 rolls of toilet paper every year.

That means that this single roll of TP would last a single person 1900 years and would become a family heirloom!

Can’t imagine 1 MILLION square feet?

That’s 1.7 times bigger than the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Great Pyramid of Giza. photo: Nina Aldin Thune

The Great Pyramid of Giza. photo: Nina Aldin Thune

Charmin Bear vs Giant Roll

Charmin Bear vs Giant Roll

Getting it to Ripley’s

Turns out, it’s really hard to move the world’s biggest anything. The giant roll of toilet paper just barely fit on the truck!
Oversize load 2
Ripley Oversizeload

Thanks to Charmin for the lifetime supply (and more) of toilet paper!

Want to TP Day Facts!

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