This Week

[March 4th-10th, 2018] This week a woman finds a 131-year-old message in a bottle, a four-eared kitten finds a home, and voodoo dolls emerge as a workplace solution to stress relief.

Four-Eared Kitten

A kitten with an unusual four ears has found its forever home in Australia. A cat fosterer and employee at the Feeling Animal Welfare Society decided to take Frankie—short for Frankenstein—home permanently. The poor kitty was found with a severe eye infection but is now receiving proper care.

Cheesed Off

England, well known for its love of cheese, held the Big Cheese Festival this past weekend. The festival featured local bands and “cheesy DJs,” but committed a grievous sin. They ran out of cheese. Especially upsetting after we cleared cheese from causing nightmares just days before.

Alexa’s Creepy Laugh

While Amazon Alexa users like to start their morning with a flash briefing, like Ripley’s Weird Minute, they apparently don’t like when the chatbot decides to laugh at them with a creepy unprovoked giggle. Some users didn’t realize the ominous laughter was coming from the smart speaker, fearing home invasion or haunting. Amazon claims it’s a bug and is working to de-chuckle Alexa.

amazon alexa

Oldest Message In a Bottle Found

On June 12, 1886, a German ship cut through the waves of the Indian Ocean. The captain of the ship decided to chuck a gin bottle into the sea, with a note containing the date and ship’s coordinates. An Australian woman walking on the beach 131 years later found the note and bottle. Believe it or not, the bottle wasn’t just a flight of fancy but was part of a German study of ocean currents.

Voodoo Dolls Improve Productivity

According to a study conducted by Wilfrid Laurier University, workers punishing voodoo dolls of their bosses can help relieve stress and improve the quality of their work. A group of 229 workers were encouraged to create effigies of their bosses and stick the dolls with pins, burn them with candles, and pinch them with pliers. Participants reported an increase in their sense of justice in the workplace after engaging in “symbolic retaliation.”

voodoo doll