Time to go on a Diet

narrow house

Etgar Keret

If you intend to drop by for a visit, be prepared to squeeze past the other guests.  This house is the thinnest ever stretching at a whopping 4 feet wide!

Beautiful Building Views

The house squeezes itself into a small crack between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland.  The home has 150 square feet of living space and fits in a bathroom, kitchen, and comfy bed!

It is being called the The Keret House, and it is only 4 feet wide, it is 33 feet deep and 30 feet high.

There’s plenty of room!

Jakub Szczęsny is the mind behind this house.

“I’ve done my best to fight for centimeters in table, seating, kitchenette, and corridor widths.

It’s a rather ‘minimal existence unit’

For sure some people might feel claustrophobic, but there’s actually a lot of vertical space.”

Are you accepting tenant applications?

Israeli writer Etgar Keret will be residing in the home.  He is known for his super-short works of fiction.  He envisions the house as being a center for creators and intellectuals from all over the world.



*Images by Bartek-Warzecha [Source]